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Address:Geyao Building, the Junction of Shanhai Road&Haixia Road, Industrial District, Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province
Set design, development, production, production and sales services as one of the diversified enterprises, the original high-end motor protector, successful research and development of intelligent integrated motor protector, motor protector, microcomputer protector, power meters, switchgear intelligent control device, service robot and other products.

GeYao Technology was established in 2009 which is located in the provincial develop zone ZheJiang CangNan 

HaiXi finance technology industrial park. We have passed the identification of the 3C and ISO9001:2015 Quality 

System. GeYao is a professional manufacturer and national high-tech enterprise in researching manufacturing, 

selling and serving the service robots, robotic arm, motor protectors, motor energy-saving monitor devices and 

electric instrument products.

GeYao always keeps up with advanced technology and maps out the new products with new start point. The 

robots, electric instruments and the motor protectors we manufacture have many complete software copyrights 

and over thirty kinds of patents of invention what filled up the international blank. We are cooperating with many 

famous universities such as the Shanghai Electric Academy, Shanghai JiaoTong University to set up the enterprise 

technology research center, we are providing the high quality products with advanced tech-nology, excellent quality 

and advanced production equipments to the society to satisfy all the requirements from our customers, all the 

users and technicians give us good comments, we get the friendly support and trust from our industry people.With 

the company develop target of “make the GeYao well-known in the world”, quality makes the brand,brand wins the 

market and the company operation spirit of  “dedicated, honest, efficient, inovative”, GeYao devotes ourself to the 

product research,quality inprovement and service improvement.

We are sincerely waiting for your cooperation,negotiation and creating excellence together.

Geyao Building, the Junction of Shanhai Road&Haixia Road, Industrial District, Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province

Ge Yao Technology provides high-quality products like the society to meet the full range of customers' needs. No matter where the motor protector products are sold, we have our sincere service outlets.

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